Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scenes from Our Beautiful City

Lately, I have not had nearly as much time to post on this site as I would like.  I hope to be able to write more in the upcoming months, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some photographs from around the City of St. Louis.  I bought a DSLR camera last month and have been spending a lot of time taking pictures around town (part of the reason I haven't written as much lately).

While I intend for this site to continue to be more of a written blog than a photoblog, the main point of the site is to spread a positive image of the City of St. Louis--and what better way to do that than to share some scenes from our beautiful city.  You know what they say pictures are worth . . . so, until I can get back to actual writing, here are 12,000 words.

(Apologies to my Twitter and/or Flickr followers, who likely have seen some or all of these before).
“The Runner” by William Zorach.
Kiener Plaza, downtown St. Louis.
Eros Bendato (the "sideways head") by Igor Mitoraj.
Citygarden, downtown St. Louis.
The Southwestern Bell Building is in the background.

Nathan Frank Bandstand in Pagoda Lake, Forest Park
(Thanks to "Anonymous" for the info on this structure)

Christ Church Cathedral, 1210 Locust Street.

Vine on Brick, Cherokee Street.

Arch through the trees.

Civil Courts Building reflected at Citygarden.

Art Museum under construction.

"Guardians of the Brick."  Hammerstone's in Soulard. 
This brick building on their back patio is believed to have been a whiskey still during Prohibition.

"Waiting on a Train"

"Bunnyzilla" at Citygarden.

Arch at sunrise, from the Eads Bridge.


  1. Incredible! Arch waiting for Train is just delightful. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Matt--I appreciate it very much!

  3. The structure you photographed in forest park is the Nathan Frank bandstand. It replaced the original bandstand pagoda in 1924.

  4. Thanks for the info Anonymous!

  5. Some really, really nice pics...Do you work for a postcard co? lol

    I too like the "Waiting on the train" and both shots from Citygarden with 1010 Pine building and Civil Courts bldgs are really nice. The fall leaves are what make these really nice IMO.

  6. Thanks RobbyD! No, I'm not a postcard maker, but I do play one on TV.

    By the way, I called that one "Waiting on a Train" because I really was waiting for a train to come through that tunnel FOREVER. That's the shot that I really wanted to get, but one never showed up before I had to leave.

  7. Ben, I almost like the anticipation shot better than if a train had shown up...

  8. I think I do too. Funny how that works out.