Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winning Women Historic Tax Credit Forum: Tuesday, November 9th

Winning Women is a St. Louis-based organization of highly successful women dedicated to promoting women in business, education, government and health initiatives to advance regional economic growth; to making the region a better place to live and work; and to reinforcing the region's position as a desirable community in which women can build successful careers, businesses and family lives.  Among other activities, the group provides interested, motivated young women opportunities to meet and learn about available career options and to interact first hand with active, successful female executives.

In addition, Winning Women holds periodic forums on key current issues affecting the St. Louis region.  The upcoming November 9th forum will address Missouri's historic tax credit ("HTC") program, both in terms of its past successes and the ongoing legislative efforts to modify the program. 

Winning Women has put together an outstanding and diverse panel for this forum, including Sarah L. Coffin, PhD (one of the principal investigators of a key study on HTCs prepared for the Missouri Growth Association); Susan Montee (Missouri State Auditor); Tishaura Jones (Missouri State Representative); Wendy Timm (President of the Missouri Growth Association); and other political, business, and historic preservation leaders.

This event will provide insights into the current state of legislative activity surrounding Missouri's HTC program, and is sure to be of particular interest to those who want to ensure that recent harmful tinkering with the program does not lead to even worse, permanent legislation.  For more information on the forum, including how to register (by November 3rd), please click on and print the picture below.  If you are interested in learning more about Winning Women, you can contact the group here.

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