Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mannequins on the Loop

Through June 9th, head down to the Delmar Loop to see the decorated mannequins lining the street for the 4th Annual "Mannequins on the Loop" project.  Each mannequin represents a different establishment on the Loop.   

There is a surprising shortage of information online about this project, though I did find a Youtube video from the second annual event and some other photographs of the mannequins on the Loop's Facebook page.  The intent appears to be to promote principles of sustainability through the use of recyclable materials in decorating the mannequins.  

I'd like to see the event marketed a bit more, with even higher participation, and more mannequins on the east end of the Loop to draw visitors eastward.  In all, though, this is a fun and interesting public art project and yet another reason to visit one of the 10 Great Streets in America!

"AhNiYvWiYa Spirit--Spirit of the First People"
by Mark Swain, representing Plowsharing Crafts.

"Fox and Gypsy" by Emily Iovaldi, representing Devil City
clothing store. The streaks in the background are from
a passing St. Louis MetroBus.

"Tandermonium" by Amanda Schmidt,
representing Big Shark Bicycle Company.
"Ms LeiCi Bag" by Cierra Evans,
representing Pizazz Furniture.
"Groovy" by Jeff Briggs,
representing Blueberry Hill.
Another view of "Tandermonium."

"King James" by Valli McElroy,
representing Three Kings Public House.
"Sweet Treats" by Tracey Johnson,
representing Miss M's Candy Boutique.

(Apologies to a few of the artists, as I didn't get the names of all of the mannequins and their creators.)

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