Sunday, December 5, 2010

St. Louis Desaturated

Late fall and the winter provide great atmospherics for black and white photography.  I feel like B&W captures a certain subtle melancholy that is associated with this colder, darker time of the year, while continuing to reflect the underlying beauty of the subject. 

Here are some recent pictures from around the City of St. Louis (click on pictures for larger versions).  I hope you agree that it doesn't need to be sunny or warm to get out and enjoy the scenery!

A bridge over Pagoda Lake in Forest Park, near The Muny.

"Washed Ashore"
St. Louis' cobblestone levee on a recent foggy morning,
with the historic Eads Bridge in the background.

"For the Birds"
Some of the abundant bird life at Tower Grove Park,
taken at the "ruins" and fountain pond.
"To the Arch"
The path from the northern end of the Jefferson
National  Expansion Memorial to the Gateway Arch,
on a foggy morning.

"Into the Mist"
The Gateway Arch on a recent foggy morning.

"The Return"
This is "The Captain's Return," adjacent to the Eads Bridge.
This is the explorers' (and dog Seaman's) return to St. Louis after a 2+ year
journey to the West, on September 23, 1806.

The landmark Wainwright Building in downtown St. Louis. 
Some may consider it heresy to take the red out of the red brick for this
picture, but I like how it focuses the eye on just the building's form and
detail work, particularly the highly ornamented cornice.

"Silver Morning"
The Gateway Arch from the Eads Bridge, early morning.
The faux ruins and fountain pond at Tower Grove
Park.  Created by park founder Henry Shaw in
1872/73, and restored in summer 2010.
This sculpture, along with the nearby turtle, are the works of Bob
Cassilly, creator of the amazing St. Louis City Museum. 
Located in the playground of Lafayette Park.

"Edge of the Park"
This iron fence is located along the eastern edge of Lafayette Park in St. Louis.
The fence and stone gates were designed by Francis Tunica and erected in 1869.

"Into the Storm"
This statue, "Apotheosis of St. Louis," stands at the top of Art Hill in Forest Park, in front of the Art Museum. The statue, of Saint Louis, King Louis IX of France, was originally cast by Charles H.Niehaus and later cast in bronze by the W. R. Hodges firm. The original plaster statue stood at the entrance of the 1904 World's Fair. The final bronze work was unveiled on October 4, 1906, and was the symbol of the City of St. Louis, until completion of the Gateway Arch.

"The Rockery"
The Rockery in St. Louis' Lafayette Park was built in 1866. According to the park's website,
"Only one Iron Bridge remains of two that replaced rustic bridges lost in the Cyclone of 1896."


  1. Many more posts like this one please. This is great.

  2. Wonderful..this coming from another City Resident and Blogger.

    Please continue showing how beautiful our city is.

  3. Fantastic work, great to see this kind of work online in the age of a low-resolution dominated google image search. Every one of these, just so good, great, wonderful, excellent work.

  4. Wow Anonymous, those are great compliments--thanks very much!! Ben

  5. I would agree w/ Anonymous! Fine work. I ended up here via an image search for the "Captain's Return" statuary group beside the river. I love your rendition of it! And B/W is just right. I have only seen it when partly submerged, due to river rise in spring. . . . :-)
    Nice blog in a useful cause. . . .I loved my visit to STL two years ago.

  6. I would love to get a print of Into the Storm. Do you sell prints?

  7. Thanks, Anonymous! Yes, I do. Please e-mail me at stl DOT energized AT gmail DOT com. Thanks, Ben